Get Fascinating Healthcare Services in Goa Through Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India


Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India Overview

Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India offer fascinating healthcare services in Goa with a network of surgeons, hospitals and experts in the field of cosmetic and obesity surgeries. Our cosmetic surgeons and obesity surgeons have handled a diverse range of surgeries for improving the patient’s self esteem.

Best Surgeons in India

Best Surgeons in India

The best surgeons in India will determine the best treatments for obese patients and those needing the cosmetic procedures and surgeries in India. Our experts and surgeons in India are always in demand from the local as well as the international patients seeking low cost cosmetic and obesity surgeries and procedures in India. We also have network of highly skilled, well trained and qualified cosmetic and obesity surgeons understanding the needs of our patients.

Why choose India?

Why choose India

India offers the lowest cost medical treatments including the cosmetic and obesity surgeries and procedures at the top hospitals across the country. Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India has association with the top notch hospitals offering the highest quality medical services, robust infrastructures, latest equipments, advanced technologies.

The other services include providing the cosmetic and obesity treatments to our patients from abroad with a low cost medical procedures and surgeries. We provide assistance to the international patients by sending them their medical visas, help with food, accommodation, travel, appointment with the surgeons, etc. Many medical tourists who have got their medical treatments and surgeries in India with Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India have been highly impressed with the commitment and dedication of our medical professionals to provide the best medical services at the lowest cost.

We provide the following fascinating services to our patients:

Fascinating services to our patients

  1. Patient Care:
  • Guest House Arrangement
We will support the family member of the patient with their accommodation requirements

  • Food for Patient and attendant
We will offer the meal options as per your dietary preferences, doctor’s prescription. We will provide options for patient and the companion about the meal services before, during and after your medical treatment. You can also enjoy traditional Indian cuisine that complements your visit to India for medical treatment.

  • Frequent Medical Update and Video calls to family and friends back home
         Our team will be in constant touch with you for the medical update and make video calls to your family and friends back home after your return to our native place.

  • Dedicated team for Local Assistance During Stay in Hospital
To avoid any problems during your stay at hospital, our dedicated team will provide local assistance to the patients

  1. Travel Arrangements:
·    We will take care of all your travel arrangements for both the patient and their  companion
·       Aid with medical visa arrangements
·     Arrange your stay as per the patient’s preference both in the hospital and at the hotel
·     Help with necessary services before or after your surgery as per you desire and if considered appropriate by the doctor, you can travel to any tourist attraction in India

  • Medical visa arrangements
We will offer assistance to arrange medical visas, registration or extension of the visa for our international patients

  • Ambulance Pick Up if required
In case of emergency, we will provide ambulance pick up

  • Pick Up and Drop from the Airport
Our medical tourism package will also consists of pick up and drop from the airport

  1. Services to Patient’s Family
·   Consult with the doctor of patient’s family choice for second opinion as requested by their family
·     You can make various payment options such as by wire transfer, cash/credit card


Live Happy Life with Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India

Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India offer the highest quality medical treatments, services and care to the international patients at the most affordable costs. Our team of medical professionals across the country aims to deliver the highest quality of healthcare facilities with empathy and warmth of our clients thereby ensuring the overall well being of our patients. If there is anything you would like to enquire, you can fill up our free consultation form on our website. We will be glad to take care of all your needs for the low cost medical trip to India

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