Breast Reduction in India At Affordable Prices - How Safe and effective is this Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery in India is known to create normal and attractive sized along with the uplifted breasts and thus helps in relieving the woman of all the issues from heavy breasts. The procedure of breast reduction surgery is known to carry a very high satisfaction rate for women going for the same. The breast reduction is carried out in an open surgery format where excess amount of breast tissues are removed and areola and nipple is placed over the usual location resulting into uplifted and smaller breasts. There are several multiple safer techniques that are used for reducing the size of large sagging breasts. India being the most preferred destination option for global patients, offer one of the best and affordable quality breast reduction surgery . Now let’s look into this topic in the following paragraphs:

Why Breast Reduction Surgery in India?

Women with big size breasts face a number of issues, which lead them to opt for breast reduction surgery. Some of the problems, which lead to breast reduction surgery include:

The large size breasts are known for hampering the aesthetic appeal of a woman causing her the real embarrassment. This is the very basic and most compelling reasons for going for the breast reduction surgery.

The breast heaviness can cause bra strap injuries and upper back pain compelling you to go for the surgery. 

When a large amount of breast surface remains in touch with the abdomen maintaining the hygiene in the areas simply becomes the issue giving you the fungal infection

It is really tough to get a properly fitting bra for women having big size breasts leading to the surgery 

 Types of breast reduction procedures

The Breast Reduction Surgery in India has its number of types, and choosing the same would depend upon a number of things like breast size, skin type, amount of fat tissues, the skin condition, tone of skin, etc. The decision is simply made at the amount of physical consultation, while these procedures are termed as FDA approved. Let’s check the kind of breast reductions procedures as under: 

Breast Liposuction: This is among the common procedures and it is recommended to patients wherein the breasts have fat cells. The excess amount of fat tissue is then removed by the procedure of Liposuction. It is among the minimally invasive procedures. 

Vertical Scar Surgery: The incision simply encircles around the areola and is meant for ladies with moderate big size breasts. The issues of scarring can be found out with the same but quite less than the conventional breast reduction surgery in India. 

Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery in India: This procedure is suitable for heavy and large size breasts. This incision simply goes vertically down over the middle of the breasts and then seen horizontally over the base of breasts. 

Life after surgery 

The results of breast reduction surgery are simply visible instantly after the surgery and are meant for long lasting results. The surgery can take you around two to four hours in order to perform the same under general or local anesthesia with the help of sedation and could need an overnight hospitalization. It takes around 3 to 5 weeks for complete recovery. 

Breast Reduction Surgery in India 

When it comes to cosmetic surgeries like Breast Reduction, India ranks higher. It has one of the best cosmetic surgeons and experts. They have ample amount of experience and exposure in giving high quality breast reduction procedures, which come along with integrity and innovation. Plus the highly affordable cost breast reduction surgeries attract global patients from all across the world making things practical for them. The world class cosmetic hospitals and clinics really make a great difference giving you enough reasons to the global patients to consider one and all.

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Elvira Mejia
22 August 2016 at 10:35 ×

Elvira here, my own breast size is too large. Simply how much will cost me treatment for breast reduction surgery?

30 August 2016 at 08:44 ×

Hey Elvira to know best price or other details, email us at or make a phone call at +91-9373055368.

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Kara Caudill
14 October 2016 at 10:03 ×

Kara Caudill from UK here. I have big breast and it actually gets me a lot of attention that i don't want. i'm definitely going to do a reduction one day.