Gastric Balloon Procedure, Hospital Stay and Recovery

How the Procedure is performed

Gastric Balloon
First the patient is set up in the treatment room wherein the procedure is carried out with patient’s throat being numbed with the help of a spray. One may find the numbing sensation a bit strange, but it will be certainly going to help in having a painless procedure. Then the nurse will insert a mouth guard made up of plastic in between your teeth making your mouth open. The surgeon then pushes the scope inside the mouth over your stomach. The doctor will keep on passing the air to help you breathe comfortably. This will help you feel the belch but is required to carry out the surgery. The doctor then removes the scope while the balloon is then passed inside the stomach of the patients, which further inflates with saline solution or air. Finally you find the stomach passing inside the stomach with a double check over the balloon keeping it in a right position and properly inflated. 
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Preparing for Gastric Balloon Surgery

You need to meet your surgeon wherein you two would be working closely for preparing the surgery. You would have a pre-procedure health assessment by your doctor for obvious reasons, wherein he will pose a number of questions regarding the medical history and medications you have been taking all these years. Also, you need to inform about all your surgical history since some complication come into picture if you had some prior procedures on your stomach. You may need certain tests including ECG, x-ray, and blood tests. While preparing for the surgery you are supposed to follow all the instructions of your doctor thoroughly. In many cases, you can find the doctor asking you to fast for not less than 12 hours.

The Day of the Procedure

The balloon procedure is not very complicated as compared to the other aggressive kind of weight loss surgery options. For instance if you talk about gastric sleeve surgery, it is among the least complicated ones as compared to the other procedures which can take around 2 hours to complete and need you to stay for around 2 to 3 days in the hospital to get the healing process. Here the procedure mostly takes just half an hour or so, while a majority of patients opting the same can return home the very same day.

Gastric Balloon surgery

Risks and Side Effects

With this gastric balloon surgery, you have a possibility of complications (risks and side effects) and the most common ones are discussed as under:

Risks associated with sedation- This procedure need sedation, which puts the patients to sleep can have certain complications.

Punctured Esophagus – As the surgeon is seen using scope when carrying out the gastric balloon surgery, at times the patient’s esophagus could get punctured due to the use of scope. However, this is often a very rare kind of incident and can be seen in one or two cases out of thousands of operations.

Stomach Blockage- You may find the balloon to deflating inside the stomach, which can further cause blockage. At such junctures, the system called ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System that is used in the surgery having two independent balloons coming to the rescue if the first balloon fails to inflate other works.

Stomach Ulcer or Rupture – Generally an anti-ulcer medication is given by the surgeon to the patient to avoid this issue inside your stomach. The stomach rupturing inside is also among the rare incidents. In case if the surgeon is seen having the ulcers inside the stomach, he or she can stop the procedure for obvious reasons.


Generally the patients returns home the very same day. However, it is recommended that you have someone around to take care of you at least for 24 hours after the day of gastric balloon surgery. Generally it takes eight days to get the complete recovery. You may find your throat to be sore for few days as the balloon is passed via it to the stomach but it will vanish in few days.

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