Why to Choose India For Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Today, one can find obesity to be among the biggest issues. Believe it or not, but millions have been suffering from this condition and is becoming a known health challenge for the modern day people not just in developed nations but also in the underdeveloped nations. As per studies, the condition of obesity has become one of the major causes of preventable mortality. A number of researchers have indicated the contribution to a number of chronic ailments like high BP, diabetes and even heart ailments with the presence of extra weight over your body. One of the ways of getting rid of the extra weight is the procedure called sleeve gastrectomy, which is considered when other all non-surgical options fail. With a developed healthcare infrastructure, India ranks higher in terms of giving high quality healthcare services at much affordable cost, which has become the epitome of this country. Thus it gives all reasons to opt for the surgery in India as the global patients reap loads of benefits.

What is Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgical procedure, which deals with the weight-loss procedure wherein the stomach is seen reduced to around 15 percent of its original size, by method of surgery of a large portion of your stomach. The term "Sleeve" refers to your stomach appearance that helps the patients to get rid of the 75 to 85 percent of it, which end up leaving a long and tube-like shape organ, while the term "Gastrectomy" talks about of the removal of the stomach. Then the surgeon helps in attaching the open edges together usually with surgical staples in order to form a sleeve/ tube with a banana shape. The procedure permanently simply helps in reducing the size of the stomach, which is carried out with a procedure called laparoscopic surgery and it is not reversible.

Are you the Candidate for Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery?

If you are among those who are known for having severely or morbidly obese, you then tend to be at higher risk of having certain health issues, which in turn reduces the life span as well calling a number of ailments in such body.  If the weight keep on increasing on a constant basis, the risk of severe obesity is simply greater than the other surgical treatment options. The people who fit into this surgery are the ones who follow the following conditions:

People with at least 100 pounds higher than the ideal body weight

People who are known to be at least 80 pounds overweight and are known to have certain life-threatening obesity related issues like hypertension, diabetes, and sleep apnea to name a few.
All the above said people who have tried all the non-surgical options to get rid of the weight but has gained nothing become the candidate for this surgery.

Why Choose Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India?

India in the recent time has become one of the global destinations for weight loss surgeries like Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery. With high quality and affordable cost surgery options, more and more global patients are seen flocking to India all across the world including even the developed nations like the US or the UK. The global patients reap a number of benefits from the procedures like Sleeve Gastrectomy. The nation has world class hospitals and medical centers that are known for giving high quality services. Thanks to the healthcare technologies in India which go par with the developed nations. These weight loss surgeries hospitals are par with the ones found in the nations like the US or UK that in turn gives you nothing but the best and better outcomes. The other vital benefits include getting the competent weight loss surgery specialists, which simply adheres to the highest quality standards of the healthcare.

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