India is the best place where you get affordable weight loss surgery

Of late India a lot of Medical Tourism in India is seen working with loads of weight loss surgeries for global patients. In fact, it has boosted up in a manifold fashion since past few years. The effective and safe kind of weight loss surgery comes along with high quality treatment option with much of the affordable cost. The weight loss surgery based hospitals are governed by modern technology facilities and highly competitive surgeons and healthcare experts. India has one of the best doctors and surgeons who are known for giving high quality and effective results, which remain par with the developed nations. This makes India to be one of the best places to find highly affordable and high quality weight loss surgery. Time to check how things work for the Indian healthcare sector in fixing weight issues in the following paragraphs: 

Obesity and weight loss surgery

Obesity can be called as a medical condition wherein the person affected by the same is seen getting body fat collects over the body hampering the health giving a wide range of health ailments. Obesity is often known as complex & chronic ailments with a number of causes and simply do not result due to overacting. As per research reports, the genetics also play a vital role in giving this medical ailments. There are several ways of gauging obesity and one of the basic ways of doing is to measure the body mass index or BMI of the person. If a person is seen having 100 pounds of weight then he or she is considered to be morbidly obese. Though there are several non surgical options to get rid of the weight but having a weight loss surgery, which is often the last resort becomes the best option to shed weight.

Causes of Obesity

There are many causes to obesity, which can be measured in terms of Body Mass Index or BMI. Some of the common causes of obesity are as under:

Medical – The increased amount of hormones called Leptin can be the common cause to the fat storage, which boosts up the appetite giving extra weight. The other Medical Conditions like hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, PCOS, and certain rare genetic diseases leading to obesity.

Physical – The low amount of physical activities and watching excessive amount of TV for long hours and remaining away from exercises can lead to obesity. 

Dietary – There are a number of fast foods and tanned foods carry huge amount of ill stuff that can lead to obesity. These fast foods are junk and are free from nutritional values that prevent obesity.

Genetics – The genetics can be a factor can contribute to around 80 percent of obesity cases. These can reduce the metabolism level and give genetic mutations. These are bad food habits and low quality lifestyle as well, which can bring in the problem of obesity. 

Environment - Our environment is certainly not at all conducive enough to give good food and lifestyle habits owing to highly competitive world and other elements. We do not get enough fresh and hygienic food for our growth giving ailments like obesity.

Psychological – It is one of the most common reasons one can have these days to become the victim of obesity.

Weight Loss Surgery in India

When it comes to weight loss surgery for global patients, India happens to be the most preferred choice for them. India has one of the vital places for honing good health and well being for the global patients getting high quality and at much affordable cost. The cost of weight loss surgery in India tolls to around the least when compared to the developed nations like the US or the UK, however, the quality doesn’t affect with the low cost. This is one of the key reasons why more and more global patients love to plan their weight loss surgery in India.

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