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An average woman simply is concerned a lot about her weight and thus is seen losing her weight. However, when it comes to losing weight it is more difficult than gaining it. One can find a lot of non surgical method to lose weight, however when nothing works, weight loss surgery becomes the only resort to get rid of the extra weight. As per reports, one third of the US citizens are seen affected by this menace of obesity the same reports suggest that 64 percent of the US population is either obese or overweight. Hence at such conditions the idea of opting for the weight loss surgery in India becomes the ray of hope for many global patients who are looking out for affordable solutions without losing the quality. Time to check in foremost weight loss surgery in India in the following paragraphs as under:

Is weight Loss Surgery Right For Me?

What you really need to understand at the foremost is whether weight loss surgery is your last option or not. Your physician and weight loss surgeon are going to check whether how much you have put your efforts in losing weight both in terms of diet and exercises in the past five years. If you have put and still are not able to lose weight then you become the candidate for the surgery. Weight loss surgery is not often quick fix for people to lose weight. Unlike having a proper diet and workout session can be called as the lifelong commitments for people to keep you away from weight, so is the case with weight loss surgery. You would be required to catch up for things you eat and thus feel active after having the weight-loss surgery.  This can be true regardless of the fact no matter which of the bariatric surgeries you are going to choose from the options like gastric bypass, gastric banding, duodenal switch or gastric sleeve.

Diet Before Weight Loss Surgery

It is a good idea to find out the healthy diet you are required to consume before having your weight loss surgery. Even if you fail to achieve the result after the weight loss surgery, you are going to learn the tools you would require to eat properly and thus go for weight loss surgery. Better skip the cabbage soup diet and the other junk food, which strictly limit the things you can eat especially when you happen to be nutrient deficient. Rather stop and have balanced foods. A number of gyms like to have nutritionist or dieticians over a staff, which can help in developing a competitive diet plan that are tailor made as per your specific health requirements and goals of weight loss.

Common Weight Loss Surgery Procedures

When it comes to common weight loss surgery procedures, there are three most common types, which are indicated as under:

·         Gastric Banding
·         Gastric Bypass
·         Sleeve gastrectomy

All the above three types of surgeries are known to have their own pros and cons, which are to be considered before choosing the one. Besides there are some uncommon types of weight loss surgery procedures:

·         Bilo-pancreatic diversion
·         Intra-gastric balloon
Weight Loss Surgery in India

India is among the emerging countries when it comes to accessing healthcare procedures like weight loss surgery in India. This is because the heavy investment in healthcare sector has carved the Indian hospitals and medical centers par to the ones found in developed nations like the US and the UK. Interestingly, these are cost effective than the ones found in the developed nations otherwise they are par in terms of state of art facilities and best doctors and surgeons along with competitive medical team, which play a vital role in fixing the obesity with wit and great care. 

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