Choosing the best Weightloss Surgery Procedure : Dr Ramen Goel, Best Weight Loss Surgeon in India


Weight loss surgery has been very effective to produce significant and sustained weight loss. There are different weight loss surgeries that can lead to getting desired results. However, the patients considering weight loss surgery find it difficult to decide which procedure is right for them. Here are a few factors to consider while choosing the best weight loss surgery procedure in India:

Choose the best weight loss surgery procedure:

While choosing the best weight loss surgery, you should consider the effectiveness of this procedure: Each of the most common weight loss surgery procedures performed today, such as adjustable gastric banding, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy are effective when:

  1. They are performed by a competent surgeon.
  2. They are performed at a centre or hospital offering an aftercare program which focuses on the dietary, behavioral and exercise changes.
  3. They are performed on a patient who is willing to work with their operation.

Here are certain factors that a patient should consider when deciding which procedure is suitable for them.

1)     Expected weight loss
2)     Fast or slow
3)     Reliability of weight loss
4)     Ability to follow up
5)     Fear of the unknown
6)     Fear of the needles
7)     Foreign body fear
8)     Punishment factor
9)     Fear factor
10) Reversibility

Dr. Ramen Goel Best Weight Loss Surgeon in India

Dr. Ramen Goel is an advanced laparoscopic surgeon having an impressive experience in the field of weightloss surgery. He has been trained in Bariatric and metabolic surgeries in USA, France, Switzerland, Australia and Brazil. His core competencies include advanced laparoscopy surgery, bariatric surgery: balloon, gastric bypass band, sleeve, SCIT, Fobi pouch, VBG.
You can get free appointment with Dr. Ramen Goel at or by phone no. +919373055368​



Trained In:

  • General Surgery by Prof. V.N. Shrikhande, GI Surgeon & HOD, Bombay Hospital
  • Gastric bypass in Laussane, Switzerland
  • Gastric band from Lyon in France
  • Sleeve gastrectomy from Perth in Australia
  • Adolescent Bariatrics in Cincinnati, USA
  • Banded bypass from LA in USA
  • Ileal transportation from Goiania in Brazil
  • Robotic surgery in Buffalo, USA
  • Diploma in gastro-intestinal surgery from Postgraduate Medical Institute from University of Vienna, Austria

  • Dr. Goel is the first bariatric surgeon from Asia to be accredited with Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon of Excellence by the Surgical Review Corporation in the USA.
  • He performed the first gastric bypass, first gastric band and first mini lap bariatric surgery in India.

  • Honourable Bariatric Surgeon at Wockhardt Hospital, Hinduja Healthcare Surgicals, Zen Hospitals and Beach Candy
  • Ex. Hon. Bariatric Surgeon at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai
  • PG thesis co-guide for various institutions
  • Ex. Hon. Associate Professor of Surgery at Grant Medical College & JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai

  • Fellow in MAS Surgery by Indian Association of Gastro-intestinal Endo Surgeons (IAGES)
  • Fellow in GI Surgery by International College of Surgeons, USA
  • Fellow in Advanced Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery by IAGES

1)     Ex. Steering Committee Member- Education & Management Task Force, IASO
2)     Ex. Governing Council Member- International Association for Study of Obesity
3)     Member of the International Review Committee, Surgical Review Corporation, USA
4)     Past President, All India Association for Advancing Research in Obesity
5)     Organising Chairman at 5th Asia Oceania Conference on Obesity (AOCO2009), 1st Annual Nova Bariatric Master Class 2012, 2nd Annual Nova Bariatric Master Class 2013 and 12th Annual National Conference of Obesity Surgery Society of India 2015

Dr. Ramen Goel took a conscience decision to stop other surgical work and focus only on the bariatric and metabolic surgeries which resulted into increased time available for consultation for new and follow-up patients and to operate at leisure for safe outcomes. Get a free consultation for the best weightloss surgery procedure in India at the most affordable price. Dr. Ramen Goel has been performing about 250 surgeries each year and he has been assisted by the highly trained surgical team during this procedure.


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Need to know when and where can i meet the doctor to discuss about my obesity.

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Hi... Nice question...
You will get best obesity treatment at Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India. Please contact at or you can make a phone call at +91-9373055368. You will get all details regarding your obesity treatment.
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My husband want to consult dr. Ramen Goel. Can u help us?

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Angela Suarez from South Africa. I am overburden by my overweight. Where I got the best treatment please suggest me!!

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