Celebrate this Xmas with Cosmetic and obesity surgery hospital India - Attractive festive offers on Obesity Surgery at kerala

Affordable Obesity surgery in Kerala
Affordable Obesity surgery in Kerala


During the modern times, due to work pressure and availability of less time people have started to prefer having ready to cook food or junk food. According to the clinical studies, this has lead to increase in weight and obesity. There are various methods through which people can reduce their weight and the latest one is gastric balloon in India that aims to reduce your weight by decreasing your hunger. After undergoing this procedure, it helps you feel fuller even after having small amount of meals. This affordable obesity surgery in India helps you to reduce excess weight without any type of invasive surgery. Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India has a network of the top surgeons, doctors, experts and the best hospital for bariatric surgery in India. Our group provides complete assistance to the global patients seeking the affordable obesity surgery in India.

Different bariatric surgeries

There are different bariatric surgeries performed and the most common four types include the following:
  1. Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding
  2. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
  3. Duodenal switch with biliopancreatic diversion
  4. Sleeve gastrectomy

Why choose Kerala, India for gastric Balloon

Kerala is fast becoming a popular medical tourism destination with more hospitals, clinics and medical services springing up here. Once regarded as “God’s Own Country” as Kerala is regarded as a place to relax and unwind has now become a popular destination to achieve health especially in the realms of obesity treatment, Ayurveda, etc. Most international tourists take advantage of various medical packages for gastric balloon in India, Kerala due to increasing presence of trained and experienced doctors and medical facilities.

Few reasons why choose Kerala, India for gastric balloon include the following:

  1. Easily accessible by air, rail, road.
  2. The climate plays an important role in Kerala as it is moderate hence, many tourists prefer this place.
  3. Hospitals with international standards that deliver advanced treatments and services from qualified and professional doctors and nurses.
  4. Attractive festive offers on gastric balloon in India from the top hospitals at Kerala. 
  5. Assistance with accommodation at the best resorts and hotels with higher standards of hygiene.
  6. Competitive prices with affordable obesity surgery in India at the best hospital for bariatric surgery in India

Advantages of Gastric balloon

  1. Effective aid to weight loss with diet and exercise
  2. Less risky than surgery
  3. Non-permanent procedure
  4. Immediate fullness sensation resulting in less caloric intake

Special Packages offered by Cosmetic and obesity surgery hospital India

Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India offers special packages which is quite affordable as compared to the cost in the developed countries. Our group has been offering the highest quality medical services of world class facilities that boast of the economical prices at the top clinics and hospital and robust infrastructures. Our network of well trained, qualified and experienced bariatric surgeons understands the needs of our global patients. The best hospital for bariatric surgery in India offers the highest quality treatments to the international patients at low costs. Most patients who have had undergone obesity surgery in India are highly impressed with the excellent medical services, commitment to provide highest quality care and support at cheap prices. 

Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India provides the following benevolent services to the foreign patients seeking the obesity surgery at Kerala, India:
  1. High quality patient care that meets the international standards
  2. Scheduling your treatment with the most sought after at the best hospital in Kerala, India
  3. Language translation and interpretation services
  4. Travel arrangements including the medical visa, arranging your flight tickets, stay at the hotel and hospital and also arranging your vacation tour post obesity surgery at the tourist spots in Kerala, India.
  5. Currency exchange, post care recuperation as per your doctor’s prescription. 
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