Why Global Patients Seeking Buttock Augmentation In India

The buttock augmentation in India is a surgical procedure to augment the buttocks using the implants made of silicon and have been in use for a long time. It will give you more feminine hourglass figure and help you look more shapely. This procedure can be done using one’s own fat. Recovery post this procedure can take about a week to ten days. The implants may feel natural and can withstand the pressure while sitting. It enhances the volume of the buttock and also addresses the looseness of the skin to a certain extent. There are two types of buttock augmentation-the lifting of the buttocks, the surgical enlargement of buttocks due to insertion of a synthetic implant. The benefit of undergoing this procedure is you will get a precise shape and size.

This surgical procedure is designed to reshape the size of your buttock and create a firm, aesthetic appearance. The global patients seeking the buttock augmentation in India since this area is not easily changed with weight reduction or exercise. This procedure is achieved using fat from your one body part and inject into your buttocks. There is no rejection since the tissue used is taken from your body. Additionally, this method will make your buttock look very natural. Often the fat is taken from the areas of the body having extra fat such as thigh, upper and lower buttock.

The fat removed from these flank regions will undergo some special processing and then it will be injected to your buttocks through a special cannula having a very small diameter and hence it leaves minimal scars. The biggest challenge of fat grafting is to cause the graft to survive in its new place which can be achieved by injecting small amount of fat into different layers both above and below the butt muscles. This will lead to better blood supply and the irregularities of the surface is minimized. Since the graft survival is unpredictable, some of the fat absorbed causes you to loose the augmentation effect. Generally, it is believed that what is left after three month post procedure will stay forever. After undergoing this procedure, the buttock region will not hurt, the pain experienced will be from the very small incisions made in the donor region.

The Indian hospitals and clinics performing the buttock augmentation procedures are well equipped with the latest technology, highly skilled cosmetic procedures, state of the art equipments, world class infrastructures offering highest quality medical treatments, care and services to the patients. The global patients seek buttock augmentation procedure in India considering the cost which is quite expensive in the developed countries. Another reason is the long waiting list in the US, UK whereas in India they get quality medical cosmetic and medical procedures from the best surgeons. These are some reasons why global patients plan to undergo a buttock augmentation procedure in India which offers the best services and care that are at par with that being offered in the western nations.

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