Retail Sales Worker from Australia Gets Her Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck In India

Mrs. Stephanie, a retail sales worker from Australia shares her experience of getting breast reduction and tummy tuck done in India. “After the birth of my second child, I started to realize that I gained quite a lot of weight and soon I was able to return to the gym and started with a healthy diet. My hard work started to pay off and I noticed that much of the weight that I have gained due to my pregnancy was lost. I also noticed a big amount of loose skin hanging off my mid-section. Also, I had sagging breasts since I had nursed both my boys for over a year. After some serious thought, I decided to research on plastic surgery and after about a month I came across a reputed healthcare consultant in India. I read about the cosmetic surgery and send them a query immediately. I received a call from them stating my concerns, they offered me a comprehensive package treatment for breast reduction and tummy tuck. Considering the affordable price for these procedures and the time saved for high quality cosmetic treatments and surgeries provided by experienced and well-trained professionals, I decided to get both my surgeries in India through the Indian healthcare group.

I came to India to get my tummy tuck first and the results were just amazing. The services were awesome, hospital staff, nurses and doctors were caring and compassionate. The surgeons made me feel easy by answering my questions and concerns regarding safety of undergoing both the tummy tuck and the breast reduction surgery in india at the same time. He explained me that the breast reduction and tummy tuck when combined together is referred as “mommy makeover” and since I was a candidate for this surgery, both these procedures can be done in a single stage. Also, they offered me a discount for this combo procedure which otherwise would have cost more for each individual procedure. They explained me the benefit to get both these procedures as I will be needing a single recovery time. My hubby accompanied me to India, while I was getting this treatment. I was well taken care of and followed through my tummy tuck surgery in India and breast reduction procedures. The executives at the healthcare group and the plastic surgeon who performed my surgery were in contact with me even after I returned to my native country. Now I am feeling great to get both my cosmetic surgeries done through the Indian Healthcare Group and giving me a life changing experience. It's indeed been a wonderful experience in India, be it the medical facilities or the pocket friendly price for treatments, everything is so amazing. They performed a fine job with kindness and concern for my safety. You guys are really doing an amazing job.”

Thank You,
Mrs. Stephanie,

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