Blake Stewart Decision to Travel India at Global Hospital for Bariatric Surgery turns Fruitfully

From where do I start when you are trying to explain how did obesity completely destroy your life? Shortness of breath, depression, low self esteem, antisocial life and the high risk of diabetes type2 and coronary heart disease; are all symptoms every individual obeys person experienced and can blindly understand.

I went through most of these symptoms and I can tell that depression was the worse feeling on this universe. The feeling of neglection, useless and losing your purpose in life is what made me another person. This slowly killed all the joy and happiness in my life and made me look negatively at all the optimistic opportunities. A couple of months ago, I was told by many doctors that most of my health problems were caused by my overweight. Until came a moment in my depressing life that opened my eyes forever! I call it the realizing moment. In this moment I realized I need help urgently! I can’t watch myself losing all my virtues because of a condition I am able to change. Although I didn’t eat too much, the only option I had been looking for help, I started an intense research on bariatric surgeries and their procedures and found Global hospital in India. I was very lucky to get offered by Global Hospital in India.

I flew to India, it was a bit scary and isolating, the pre op tests carried out on went smoothly and the operation took place. I woke up in the orange room so I knew all had gone ok, the nursing team and surgeon was very attentive, caring and very helpful.  Google translate became my best friend.
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Honestly, it was a huge challenge for me to leave the UK and go for a surgery to India mainly when it’s my first time visiting India! But I took the risk for the sake of changing my life. About my experience, I cannot describe in words how awesome is Global hospital team; starting from my bariatric surgeon the gentleman with an amazing smile and outstanding qualification he made me so comfortable through explaining me the full procedure and the outcomes in the future. The hospitality was excellent as well as the follow up. I was afraid that even the surgery wouldn’t be able to give me weight loss as I had tried everything before. Team of nurses at Global hospital was fantastic, caring and so responsible. The programme coordinator was a wonderful lady who helped me throughout the whole process she was visiting me every day and providing me with all the help I required. If you are reading this review with a bit of hesitance then you are just wasting time, going to Global hospital is worth all the effort you would make. Now almost five months later, I lost 25 Kg. I go for small walks as I still have my other health problems. But I feel much more confident again, which is very important to me as well! I’ll never be able to express my gratitude enough. But this was the best decision I made. I found Global hospital in India on the Internet without knowing somebody who was there before. The way I was taken care of was exceptionally wonderful. Post your enquiry at to get fast query reply.
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Life for 3 weeks on liquids was tough but I stuck with it before starting mush and eventually solid food. The key is protein first this fills you up more and is better for you.  The surgery is a tool to help you lose weight and not a quick fix, the stomach can be stretched and weight can be gained, occasionally the odd pound or two does go up but I know what to do.  My portions of food before surgery were too big that’s why I was big. Thank you very much Global hospital for all this awesome experience and for the instant reply to my enquiries on email.+ 91 - 9373055368       Email Us :
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