Dr. Milind Wagh’s Proficiency and Success Rates – A huge push to Plastic Surgery in India

Hi, I am Lorraine from Canada. Having a perfect and well-sculptured body is every woman’s dream and perfect-shaped, symmetrical Breasts play a very important role in making a woman look complete and beautiful. But unfortunately, I was never quite with the shape and size of my Breasts and hence used to feel quite inferior to the women in my friend circle. I had heard about different kinds of surgeries but at the same time, I had even read about the disastrous results that many have faced; and hence I was extremely apprehensive. But my friends insisted that I go for a consultation regarding this. A visit to a Cosmetologist changed my perception about the Breast Augmentation surgery and I felt somewhat confident. However, on finding out what the surgery would cost me, I was quite disheartened.
Dr. Milind Wagh Success Story
Out of curiosity, I looked over the internet to find out the costs of this surgery in other countries and the country that grabbed my attention is India. The cost difference between this country and other leading countries like UK, USA, Singapore was huge. As I was searching for options about how to finalize everything related to the surgery, find the apt hospital and surgeon, I landed on the website called Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India. As I went through the website, I found the group’s services very elaborate and affordable. Also, the top hospitals and best Plastic Surgeons are empanelled with this group.
Once I got in touch with Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India, the guidance they provided was exceptional and the whole process for me was a very hassle-free one. Coming from a different country, it is a very difficult task to get in touch with such highly reputed doctors or surgeons like Dr. Milind Wagh but Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India made it possible by arranging my appointment with him. Along with it, my worries like the medical visa, where am I going to stay, will I get suitable food, airport pick and drop, language issues – all of these were handled with ease by the group. the representative was constantly in my touch to ensure that I didn’t have any trouble. Once everything was settled, I reached India for my Breast Augmentation surgery, which I later came to know is also known as a Mammoplasty.
The group had arranged a very comfortable accommodation for me. The next day I was taken to the hospital to meet the doctor. Meeting Dr. Milind Wagh was a blessing for me, which has given me a lifelong solution to my problem. He sounded so confident throughout the conversation. This augmented my confidence level that I have taken the right decision by opting for this surgery. Dr. Wagh also guided me about how the whole procedure is going to be, the pros and cons as well as that a Breast Augmentation results vary from person to person and also that I should have realistic expectations. I found this a very transparent approach. Everything went on very smoothly on the day of the surgery. Breast Implants were used for the surgery, which the surgeon had told me that are very advanced forms of implants that can give a very natural looking Breasts and improve the contour. The incisions made were very small and thus the recovery also was very smooth and fast.
The surgery is a blessing for women like me and surgeons like Dr. Milind Wagh in this field, there are total chances of complete success. Today, I am back home and have recovered with the positive outcome of the surgery and I am extremely happy with the result. I feel so confident and so good about myself; the credit for which goes to Dr. Wagh’s proficiency. Lastly, I would like to extend my gratitude to the efficiency of the representatives at Cosmetic and  Obesity Surgery Hospital India and Dr. Milind Wagh for such a wonderful Plastic Surgery Experience in India.
Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India
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