Zoya Khan 8 Yr Old Lose 7.6 Kg in 20 Days

[Mumbai, 11-jan-19] At the age of 8, Zoya Khan from Mumbai was severely obese and had already tried several well-known weight loss programs. It regarded that her best alternative is probably weight reduction surgery a treatment that had traditionally been used only in adults whose obesity caused serious health issues or put them at risk for these conditions. Obesity impacts children in a variety of ways.  First and foremost, a child’s health is impacted as they've now opened themselves as much as a huge variety of health issues troubles that most of us didn’t experience until middle-age. Similarly to health implications, there’s additionally one more area that children face which can be very serious – weight bias and bullying. While she was only 11 months old, she weighed a whopping 19 kg. A sleeve gastrectomy at that age didn’t help as she kept gaining weight due to her uncontrolled eating. 

Zoya tried Weight Watchers, her parents started cutting down on calories, eating smaller portions by this she would lose some weight but she would always gain it back. Zoya’s parents did a lot of research regarding weight loss option that when they came across an article on weight loss surgery in children which led them cosmetic and obesity surgery service India, which recently began facilitating children weight loss surgery in India. They had a lot of questions and wanted to educate themselves for that they did lots of online research and they got in touch with one of our executives of cosmetic and obesity surgery service India but stopped replying after a while feeling skeptic about traveling to India, then one of CEO got in touch with them, who assisted them with Zoya’s condition, suggesting treatment plans that got their attention.

Later, the team managed to book the best bariatric surgeon on Zoya’s case in Mumbai, India. The surgeon said weight loss surgery in children is not a quick fix, it’s just opening the door, the patient and the own family must make modifications of their life to ensure that the surgical procedure is most effective. But the biggest question was is weight loss surgery safe for kids?  As Bariatric surgery for children and adolescents is becoming widespread.  But, the evidence continues to be scarce and of poor quality, and a few of the patients are too younger to consent. Obese children and adolescents are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, excessive blood stress, excessive cholesterol, and other serious fitness problems. These youngsters also are more likely to increase morbid obesity in adulthood.

The surgeon of cosmetic and obesity surgery service India explained that, if all of the criteria are met, bariatric surgery can be a safe and effective option for children who are struggling with weight loss. While as parents we were concerned that weight loss surgery is not safe for our child, the surgeon ensured that all of a patient's needs are met to lead to successful results.

The doctor suggested a gastric band in India corrective measure; to put a non-adjustable silicon ring around her stomach to control the size of her stomach for ensuring that this surgery help’s Zoya to lose weight. That was the time we made our mind as parents to go ahead with cosmetic and obesity surgery service India for our daughter weight loss surgery.

Zoya’s gastric band in India was carried out at best hospitals for gastric band surgery in Navi Mumbai it took nearly six months for Zoya to come down to her normal weight and about three more years to walk properly. Since she’s not accustomed to walking due to her weight, her leg muscles are bent. With the use of a push knee brace and a customized walker, Zoya may be able to walk normally in time. Her diet of chips, biscuits, chocolates and ice cream has been replaced by a liquid diet comprising juices, soups, milk, and pureed food. Her case defies all odds because bariatric surgery in children is a polarising topic in the medical community.

cosmetic and obesity surgery service India: "We are very happy with the results of Zoya health condition. They can assist them to choose the best doctors for their clinical conditions."

Source of News: https://bit.ly/2ChsRZE

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