Roux-en-y gastric bypass in India- Affordable Weight loss Surgery


Roux-en-Y is derived from surgeon that first described it (Cesar Roux) and the stick-figure representation. Diagrammatically, the Roux-en-Y procedures looks like letter Y; typically, the two upper limbs of the Y represent the proximal segment of the small bowel and the distal small bowel is joins with (which is often a blind end) the lower part of the Y and the distal small bowel (beyond the anastomosis). Roux-en-Y’s is used in several operations and collectively which is called Roux surgery. This surgical procedure is most commonly performed obesity surgery.
Roux-en-Y Surgery procedure accomplishes mainly two important tasks. First is to separate the stomach, creating a smaller pouch for food that makes patients to sense that "they are full" after eating significantly smaller amounts of food. Second, the bypass of the upper portion of the small intestine reduces the ability to absorb the calories and nutrients. This quality is known as the "malabsorptive" property. Roux-en-y bariatric surgery does not involve the removal of the stomach. Stomach is still able to produce digestive juices. But while the duodenum (the first section of the small intestines) is no longer attached to the stomach, the "bypassed" section is surgically connected further down the intestinal tract — at a "Y" intersection — to provide some of the benefits of normal food breakdown. The "proximal" approach, the method which is most commonly used, involves a higher attachment for the upper small intestine. In fewer cases, a "distal" roux-en-y involves reattachment of the small intestine is further down intestinal tract. The further the duodenum is attached, more like a patient will experience malabsorptive values, resulting in even the less caloric processing (and less nutrient absorption). Another one of the variation of Roux-en-Y procedure involves creating a "Y" formation between the stomach pouch and the intestinal attachment.

Roux-en-y gastric bypass in India


A single-incision operation takes less time to complete. Benefits of laparoscopy include reduction in overall postoperative pain and have shorter recovery process. Both involve the same, or some similar, techniques. In the procedure of Roux-en-Y surgery the surgeons creates a very small stomach pouch which can be counted as 15 to 30 ml in volume. In the upper part of the stomach with the use of surgical staples or by using a gastric band the original stomach or the biological structure of the stomach is artificially divided into two. This process helps in weight loss; the weight loss can be continuously for 6 months or more or it can happen that the weight may lose drastically at once or in a month or two. This is how the entire procedure takes months to reduce the weight; but at times it is worth to undergo such procedures because they are the permanent way to reduce your health. Many of the surgeries are successfully performed in some of the top hospitals in India. The surgeons are well trained who would attend your surgery and they will even explain you the surgical procedure. They have helped many obese patients to overcome their obesity and find a way to relief. With an obesity surgery one can get rid of the co-morbid conditions that rise because of the obesity. 

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Who can benefit with this procedure?

  1. Roux-en-Y offers the best balance between weight for loss and risk of complications. On average, the weight loss can average 80 percent of the excess body weight after one year surgery.
  2. Studies show that after the surgery, patients on average have only gained back 10 to 13 percent of the lost weight after 10 to 14 years.
  3. The most important benefit is that it can be opt easily and at affordable cost in India. Even at a very low cost the surgeons would attend you with full hard work to help you get the best treatment at affordable cost. 
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