Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery: Overview, Procedure & Recovery Time

Obesity: Need For Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is no more a sign of prosperity, but it is a risk factor for inviting a number of ailments. These include Type 2 diabetes, cardiac problem and other chronic diseases which can prove fatal for your body in the long term. Hence losing weight is important for people with extreme obesity. Hence people adopt different methods to lose the weight which include a number of non-surgical options and when these do not work, they end up choosing surgical options as well. One such surgical option is the Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery which is one of the effective ways of losing weight. This procedure is often carried out with laproscopic approach and helps people lose the weight by reducing the size of the stomach and then restricting the food intake that actually works out the weight loss. These surgeries are often considered as the last resort for people wanting to lose weight once the non-surgical options fail. 

Sleeve Gastrectomy single incision in India

Sleeve Gastrectomy single incision in India Surgery Procedure

The Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery starts with general anesthetic injection given to the patient which will keep the patient in sleep while you remain comfortable during the surgery. The approach considered by the surgeon would depend much upon the condition of the patient and the systems available. Mostly this surgery is carried out using the laparoscopic approach and thus starts with small size incision and not the traditionally bigger size incisions made over the abdomen area. However, in open surgery the incisions are made up of bigger size. Well then the instrument called the laparoscope having the camera is inserted through the incision and then helps in getting the clear picture inside the stomach area over the screen helping the doctor to make the size of the belly small like a banana shape. The surgery takes 1-2 hours to complete. 

Recovery time For Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

After Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery the patient is seen shifting to the recovery room wherein he is monitored for a few hours and then given the post-surgery pain medicines, along with giving liquid diet which has to be continued for a while. The patients then get the discharge and are supposed to follow the instruction of the doctor like having liquid diet for one and then gradually return to the normal life slowly and steady by the end of three to four weeks of the surgery.  The limited food intake due to the surgery will help in retaining the after effects of the surgery in a big way. 

Best Hospital for Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

When it comes to carrying out the sleeve Gastrectomy in India, there are several good hospitals to consider. Most of the hospitals are highly developed and are backed with state of art facilities and features governed by modern technologies introduced in medical sciences. The top hospitals offering these surgeries are highly competitive in terms of quality services that enable them to get the accreditations like NABH and JCI that assure quality and nothing but quality for healthcare services. These hospitals have top doctors and surgeon who have ample of experience and expertise giving you nothing but the best healthcare services. Some of the top hospitals offering sleeve Gastrectomy in India include Medanta The Medicity, Fortis, Max Healthcare, Artemis Hospital, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, JJ Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital and many more. 

Get Affordable Cost on Zero waiting Time for Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in India 

Getting Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India will help you in getting the long-term weight loss effect provided you have the best doctor to attend and you are treated at the best cosmetic surgery hospital. Most of the time the surgery for weight loss is also carried out for cosmetic reasons to get the pleasing look of the patient, hence these hospitals places an important role. In India we have the best pool of cosmetic and general hospitals that offer the weight loss surgery with great care and professionalism. The cosmetic and obesity surgery hospital India have the best resources in terms of surgeons and instruments that help in getting the desired results. Cosmetic and Obesity surgery hospital India have strengths of both sectors i.e., healthcare and tourism, to provide you with low cost, comfortable, and top rate healthcare services in India. Your health is our top precedence and as a result we ensure that your focus is handiest for your health and we take care of the medical tourism along with your logistical and operational necessities. We're appeared for our professional method and an empathetic mind-set in the direction of our patients, subsequently ranking us among the top medical provider to international patients.Cosmetic and obesity surgery service India caters to both the International and inbound patients and assist them in reaching out to the hospitals and get right treatment at the right time. 

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